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v2 launched: November 2020
v1 launched: JUNE 2019
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Time is a terrible thing to waste scrolling through algorithm-driven feeds hoping inspiration might find you. Fanbloodytastic will help you unplug from feeds to restart your inputs and increase your creative intelligence.
I read everything on the internet by 8 am each day, so you don’t have to.
My superpower is sourcing inspiration for creative professionals.

I find and analyse weird tangential references, trends and insights in a way that has been proven over a decade in advertising to help people come up with fan-bloody-tastic ideas.

Anthony Dever
Writer / Strategist - Fanbloodytastic

Happy Subscribers

Here are a few nice things subscribers have said about Fanbloodytastic.

“Enrich your brain, expand your horizons all through the hilarious lens of Devers' brain. You will not be disappointed.”

Anna Hunt, Google

If it weren’t for this email my work colleagues would think I was 60% less smart and 69% less valuable to the company.

Candice Juniper, Jones Knowles Ritchie

There’s only one newsletter I read – it’s written by a wizard who consumes the internet everyday and spits out the most insightful bits for you to use and share.

Warwick Heathwood, Campfire X


If you have any further questions, get in touch.
What topics are featured?

It can be anything I find that is creative, innovative, or ingenious.

If it makes me say “Oh. Wow. I wish I thought of that” then it will likely go into the daily email.

Why is Fanbloodytastic good?

Reason #1: It broadens your thinking
Because it is not focused on any one creative industry and can feature any new stimulus from any topic, the diversity of unexpected delightful sparks helps ensure my subscribers start their day creatively inspired.

Reason #2: It saves you time
I only ever curate a small list of links that are worthy of my subscriber's attention, meaning they can stop scrolling and get straight to the good stuff.

Who should subscribe?

People with a curious mindset that love ideas.

Most current subscribers work in creative industries of some kind - design, advertising, art, publishing, fashion, media, music, or tech startups and have job titles as varied as a junior writer to managing director to chief creative officer.

Who writes Fanbloodytastic?

I do. Hi. My name is Anthony Dever. I am a strategist, researcher, and writer that has been making weird creative projects on the internet since 2002.

I analyse and forecast cultural, technology, media and design trends to inspire creative ideas for the world’s biggest brands. I have regularly been invited to share my thinking at events like Frankfurt Book Fair, Sydney Design Festival, Adobe Creative Jam, BIGSOUND and AGDA.

Does it arrive at 8am in my local timezone?

The daily emails arrive at 8am in nine different timezones around the world. You can select which timezone batch you will receive the email in when you subscribe.

How much does it cost?

$0. Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

It previously was a paid subscription but is now 100% free. If you want, you can show your support or appreciation by buying me a coffee, but there is no obligation to do so.

How do I unsubscribe?

At the bottom of the email each day there is an unsubscribe link that you can click to remove your email address from the list.

Your brain deserves Fanbloodytastic

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